Wednesday, June 18, 2008



If your reading this, then you like eating out. I lovelovelove eating out. Jim likes it too. We both live in the magical far-off fairytale land of MANHATTAN. However, being my 20s, reasonably employed but forced to pay a sizeable rent makes it difficult to eat out as much as I'd truly be satisfied with. I think Jim is OK with the frequency of which we go to restaurants. I'm not sure though. The following is a, hopefully, captivating account of our perilous journeys and triumphant returns into the heart of eating at noodle shops, pizzerias, bakeries, bar & grills, sushi bars, diners, taverns, sweet shops, stuff off the street, barbecues, cafes, cantinas, trattorias, steak houses, and of course delis while still trying to remain alive in the city.


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