Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Woorijip, located in koreatown, is a great deli/market for all your Korean favorites. While the mass of people might seem intimidating during lunch hours, the 4 cashiers keep even the longest lines moving rapidly. The takeout packages are very convenient when taking it to go, and the selection of food caters to even the pickiest of eaters (me). When you're not in a hurry, it's a great place to relax with some snacks and some of the Korean alcohols that they offer. Overall, happy to be there grabbing lunch or spending an hour or so having drinks before we hit the karaoke bars.

Price: Perfect for the tight budget.
Service: Unbelievably fast and efficient.
Bonus: Huge selection, cheap.
Downfall: Quality of food is good, but it is 5 bucks. It can only be SO good.

Verdict: Will be back on many occasions.

As far as lunch places go, this one is great! Along with prepackaged food that made all day long, Woojip sells ready made banchan (small dishes) and bap (rice) for all you lazies who hate cooking. Beware lunchtime crowds! Its a small space, and I've glared at more than one shelf browser deciding between chicken and curry bap (you know who you are). Theres also a hot food buffet they you pay for by the pound. I saw a manorexic fob guy pay $3.30 for his. In addition to being good for eats, you can sit in the back and drink soju and beers. All day long!

Price: You can range from $2 to $12, depending on how greedy you are. I am a little more then moderately indulgent, so I pay around $9. But once I limited myself to the $2 kimchi bap and was satisfied, but later ate the other one I benevolently bought for my roommate, Jayne.
Service: As its pretty much self serve here, we should take a moment to applaud all those quick minded asian fob cashiers for keeping lines moving and never forgetting to hand you a receipt.
Bonus: Nothing is awful tasting! Everything is tastes like your halmonee just made it! Also, clean bathroom in the back deserves a highfive!
Downfall: Lunchtime crowds are a killer.
Verdict: 2 thumbs up. Korean food usually means mucho dinero, but Woorijip makes all your spam and bap dreams affordable.


12 West 32nd Street

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Anonymous said...

I frequent here often. Good stuff. I don't recommend sitting in to eat- you either stare at a wall or the long line of people. Can get very hot in there too.

Can you update your blog more often so that I can get more suggestions? What's the delay? Are you actually working or something??